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Applying theory and research to better understand behavior and the mind.


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Psychology at Beloit

Breadth and depth.

Although Psychology is sometimes equated with only the practice of providing counseling and therapy for those in need, it is so much more. Our curriculum is designed to acquaint both majors and non-majors with a variety of subfields in psychology, including biological, clinical, cognitive, and developmental. At the same time, students have opportunities to learn more about the topics that are of most interest to them and to connect those interests to other academic, personal, and career interests.

Flexible and practical.

At Beloit, students gain a liberal education in the discipline rather than technical preparation in a particular brand of psychology. You will develop valuable skills employers seek: effective written and oral communication, analytical reasoning, ethical judgment, the ability to work both independently and in teams, and crucially, the application of psychological knowledge in all kinds of situations. After Beloit, our psychology majors pursue careers not only in psychological research and clinical fields (i.e., counselling and therapy), but also in areas in health care, law and justice, business, and education.

Psychology beyond the classroom.

Through hands on research, community engagement, and opportunities to study psychology around the world, we encourage students to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom beyond the classroom walls. Course work in research methods and statistics, community based internships, and Beloit’s robust international education program support students as they put their knowledge of psychology into practice.


Experimental Methods in Social Sciences

“Yes we can, but should we?” Phil Shields, Professor of Philosophy, Hales Family Chair in Ethics, Beloit College
“Racialized Courts: How racial attitudes shape perceptions of the American judicial system” by Phil Chen, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Colorado - Denver

Greg Buchanan, Professor of Psychology, Beloit College

Ron Watson

Faculty and staff earn top teaching and mentoring awards

Two faculty members and one Beloit staffer were recognized in April for their outstanding contributions as teachers, advisors, and mentors. The in-person gathering was held in Eaton Chapel.


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