Pre-Law Preparation Advising

What does it take to get into law school?

One assumption students sometimes make is that, if you want to go to law school, you need a special pre-law major. But this isn’t so. There is no one right path to law school; there is no special major that you should pick if you’re interested in law school. Instead, the path to law school runs best through a major (any major) that meets your academic interests, together with a pre-law advisor.


At Beloit College, our pre-law advisors will work one-on-one with you to tailor a course of study that is the right fit for you, to help you maximize your chances for success when you take your LSATs, and then when you apply to law school. We will sit down with you, as often as you like, to talk through the process, and help you make your choices on the road to your law degree.

Law & Justice Minor

Many students who are interested in law school, and careers in law more generally, find their interests met through our interdisciplinary Law and Justice minor. This minor brings together courses from Political Science, Economics, Sociology, History, Philosophy, and other departments and programs whose courses together offer multiple lenses for thinking about the nature of justice and the complexity of the law and legal institutions.

When you meet with your pre-law advisor, you can discuss whether this minor is right for you.

Get Started

For more information, contact professors Matt Tedesco or Charles Westerberg.

Martu aspires to apply to law programs and master’s programs in public policy.

Future public policy leader

Martu Kollie’24 traversed the country to the University of Washington for its Junior Summer Institute, learning about public policy through seven-week courses in economics, quantitative methods, policy


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