Political Science

The department of political science seeks to make the study of politics and international relations an integral part of the liberal education of Beloit students, providing them with a coherent, comprehensive introduction to the discipline of political science.

To further these purposes, faculty actively engage in the political world and scholarship about it, and the department offers courses that encourage the thoughtful consideration of political aims, institutions, processes, and problems. These include the exploration of power, conflict, peace, citizenship, and justice from diverse perspectives. Introductory courses are designed to equip students for responsible, effective participation in civic life and public affairs in local to global contexts.

For majors or minors, the department offers opportunities for more specialized study in government and politics as a foundation for graduate education and future vocations in law, government, journalism, teaching, activism, and other public service careers. The department works to strengthen the college as a whole by participating responsibly in its intellectual life, its core programs, and through service.



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