Courses Offered in Spring 2023


In parenthesis, we include the POLS field of focus:


  • POLS 110: U.S. Federal Government and Politics (U.S.)
  • POLS 160: International Politics (I.R.)
  • POLS 180: Intro to Political Thinking (THEO)
  • POLS/ENVS 210: Sustainable Cities (COMP)
  • POLS 230: Comparative Health Systems (COMP)
  • POLS/ENVS 255: U.S. Environmental Law and Policy (U.S.)
  • POLS 264: Human Rights Advocacy (I.R.)
  • POLS 265: Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict (COMP)
  • POLS/ENVS 295: Environmental Political Thought (THEO)
  • IDST 375: International Relations Senior Seminar (capstone, open to seniors only) (IR)

Permanent Courses

Course information found here includes all permanent offerings and is updated regularly whenever Academic Senate approves changes. For historical information, see the Course Catalogs. For actual course availability in any given term, use Course Search in the Portal.

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