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Student Work


Medy Xu Shujie

Medy Analyzes Power House Energy

Medy Xu Shujie ’17 completed an honors term as energy budget analyst for the new campus Powerhouse

Ren Xi ’19 presenting at Student Symposium

Group Theory in Quantum Hydrogen

Ren Xi ’19 presented an honors project in physics at Student Symposium, using group theory to understand the quantum mechanics of the hydrogen atom without explicitly solving Schordinger’s equation.

Quartz Window to beam

The accelerator generates a beam

The 500 keV Van de Graaff particle accelerator generated a proton beam that was caught on video as it excited the quartz window constructed by Beloit students.

A physics student presents on smart buildings at Spring Symposium Day.

Smart Buildings Presentation at Student Symposium

Noel Jones’19 presented their research on smart buildings at the Student Symposium, combining fluid mechanics, computer-aided design, and 3-D printing.


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