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Real world experience as a future scientist


Physics, Engineering, and Astronomy students at Beloit College participate in research while at Beloit. In fact, many engage in multiple research opportunities: Beloit College faculty-mentored research during the academic year or summer and research at universities and in government and private sectors during summers.

Research allows students to apply knowledge from theoretical classes and skills developed in laboratory experiences to real world problems that neither have known solutions, nor are necessarily solvable. No matter the setting, students will spend a considerable amount of time on their own investigating a problem. 

This is by design: anyone working in physics, engineering, or astronomy must be prepared to take on problems for which they may think they are ill-equipped. They must also draw on the knowledge and skills previously acquired, and learn anew.

This is how physicists, engineers, and astronomers innovate and contribute.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

At Beloit College, there are many ways that students in the Department of Physics, Engineering, and Astronomy extend the curriculum beyond the walls of their classrooms.

Physics majors also have the opportunity to present the results of their research, internships, and study abroad and off-campus study experiences at conferences and symposiums, including:

Students participating in the 2015 Physics Olympiad. Students participating in the 2015 Physics Olympiad.

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