After Beloit

Equipping You for Post-Graduation Life and Work: Portable Skills and Flexibility of Mind

As a student of Physics, Engineering, and Astronomy, you’ll  learn to write clearly and persuasively, speak effectively in public, and develop strong intercultural skills on a campus that celebrates diversity and inclusion. You’ll also engage beyond the classroom, through research and internships, extra-curriculars, volunteering, campus jobs, and/or serving as a teaching assistant, tutor, or resident hall assistant.

Is the department’s holistic approach to education effective? Yes, as our alumni’s stories attest.


Matias Grande’16

An introduction to possibilities

Matias Grande’16 came to Beloit College interested in physics. Instead, a vacation term in Uganda inspired a career in public health.

Mark Anderson’17

From Physics to Food Safety in a Candy Factory

Mark Anderson’17 graduated from Beloit College as a physics major, but much as he liked the brain work involved, he wanted a career where the impact on people would be more immediately clear. Today he works in food safety at Badger Murphy.

Sarah Katz’07

From Physics 102 to Space Exploration

Sarah Katz’07 always knew she wanted to work on space exploration, but initially worked in IT after graduating from Beloit College. It didn’t take her long, however, to return to the physics and engineering studies she had focused on at Beloit. As a result, she’s now a lead radiation engineer for the Europa Clipper mission to Jupiter.

Johnny Li’20 (center top) with fellow fraternity brothers graduating from Beloit

Slowing Down to Learn, Explore, and Engage on the Way to Becoming an Engineer

As a high school early leaver, at Beloit College, design engineer Johnny Li’20 found an environment that nurtured him personally and academically by allowing him to take courses in a variety of fields and establish strong connections with both fellow students and faculty members.

Michael Cumrine’13 at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station

What Just Happened: Studying the Big Bang’s Afterglow to Find Answers

As a University of Minnesota PhD candidate, Beloit College physics graduate Michael Cumrine’13 and his research group use telescopes in Antarctica to study the Big Bang’s afterglow. The question? What happened in its immediate aftermath.

Stepha Kvokov’20

Helping people and the planet

Chemical engineering consultant Stephanida Kvokov’20 draws on skills developed while studying at Beloit College to now develop client solutions.

Dakotah Revai’18 in front of a system he recently designed.

Mechanical engineering, track and field, and performance

Dakotah Revai’18 studied physics and computer science on the way to a career in mechanical engineering, while also being track and field team captain, a resident assistant, and a musical performer.


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