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Physics & Astronomy

Solve problems, build solutions, and imagine the Universe, from the smallest particles to the largest galaxies.

Physics & Astronomy

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Explore the Universe

Students build new parts for our 0.5 MeV Van de Graff linear proton accelerator, analyze images of Saturn from the Cassini spacecraft, construct circuits, model the acoustics of campus spaces, write computer code, and 3D print experimental apparatus.

Physics & the Liberal Arts

Our students communicate, collaborate, and think deeply about physics in the world. Our education prepares students for graduate school, jobs in industry, work in education, and a life of meaningful purpose.

Shuhei Fujita ’18 develops energy software
Physics & Astronomy News

Shuhei Fujita ’18 develops energy software

Shuhei Fujita, physics major for class of ’18, developed energy software with Professor Steve Huss-Lederman to monitor building consumption in real time.
John Murphy ’18, graduate student at UW-Madison, proudly sporting a Beloit shirt.

Very, very cool physics from alum John Murphy ’18

John Murphy ’18 is a Mechanical Engineering student at UW Madison where he works on an extremely powerful refrigerator that will be used for quantum computing.

David Harrison’20 repairs donated medical equipment as a part of his summer internship with Project C.U.R.E.

David Harrison’20 Internship with Project C.U.R.E

David Harrison prepares donated medical supplies to be sent abroad. His internship helped prepare him for the future.  He says,”I am learning how to cooperate and work with other engineers and gaining an understanding of project management.”


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