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Physics, Engineering, & Astronomy

Solve problems, build solutions, and imagine the Universe, from the smallest particles to the largest galaxies.

Physics, Engineering, & Astronomy

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A curriculum both strong and flexible

Problem Solving Together

Designing solutions to complex problems requires experimentation, the integration of competing perspectives, and the application of knowledge from different disciplines.

That’s why cultivating a diverse community of students and faculty is valued by Beloit’s Department of Physics, Engineering, and Astronomy. By supporting and challenging each other, we can solve big problems together.

As a member of this community, you will develop a core set of problem-solving skills specific to your major: how to define problems, investigate data, and create strategies to drive toward a solution. But you will also acquire the operational skills you’ll need in both your career and life.

More than One Pathway

Whether you are interested in physics for physics’ sake, love engineering, or are passionate about astronomy, a scaffolded physics curriculum will allow you to grow the knowledge you need. And that growing knowledge will be reinforced through application in our well-equipped labs, machine shop, and the Maker Lab.

Future engineers can choose to either major in engineering physics or enroll in the 3:2 engineering program to earn both a BS at Beloit and a BS in engineering at another institution.

Aspiring astronomers will learn to apply physics to understand observations in the sky, whether they use telescopes at partner institutions or study images of Saturn’s rings and moons captured by the Cassini Spacecraft.

Shuhei Fujita’18 develops energy software
Physics, Engineering, & Astronomy News

Shuhei Fujita’18 develops energy software

Physics major Shuhei Fujita’18 worked with computer science professor Steve Huss-Lederman to develop software with which to monitor energy consumption in campus buildings in real time.
Mark Anderson’17

From Physics to Food Safety in a Candy Factory

Mark Anderson’17 graduated from Beloit College as a physics major, but much as he liked the brain work involved, he wanted a career where the impact on people would be more immediately clear. Today he works in food safety at Badger Murphy.

Sarah Katz’07

From Physics 102 to Space Exploration

Sarah Katz’07 always knew she wanted to work on space exploration, but initially worked in IT after graduating from Beloit College. It didn’t take her long, however, to return to the physics and engineering studies she had focused on at Beloit. As a result, she’s now a lead radiation engineer for the Europa Clipper mission to Jupiter.


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