Dual degree program


Earn a Bachelor’s degree and a Doctor of Pharmacy in just 6 years.

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Beloit College - Medical College of Wisconsin pharmacy partnership

Beloit has partnered with the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) to provide students a unique dual-degree program. Students can graduate with a BS/BA from Beloit and a PharmD from MCW in as few as six years.

A liberal-arts foundation at Beloit

Experience small class sizes and a student-centric active-learning environment at Beloit College while completing the prerequisites for pharmacy school admission.

For the 3+3 program, take the courses required for a B.S in Biochemistry while still having plenty of choices to pursue non-major electives. For the 4+3 program, take the pharmacy prerequisite courses and earn a BA or BS in the major of your choice.


Cutting-edge pharmacy education at MCW

Gain your professional training in the three-year Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree program at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Located on an academic medical center, this cutting-edge pharmacy school will give you the experience you need to be an innovator and an advocate for providing greater access to primary and preventative care for patients.

Getting started

Students typically apply for this program during their first year at Beloit. Upon enrollment, students will be partnered with a faculty mentor from the MCW pharmacy school. They will also have access to career discussions and shadowing opportunities with the MCW Pharmacy School’s clinical partners, and will potentially have access to undergraduate research opportunities at MCW. Visit the MCW Pharmacy School Dual Degree programs page for more info.

Finding a home to pursue pharmacology
Pharmacy News

Finding a home to pursue pharmacology

Bailey Dusso’24 loves chemistry and being in a lab. She also loves being with people. At Beloit College she’s preparing for a career as a pharmacist to bring her interests together.

Jonathan Palmer ’19 in the chemistry lab holding pipet and vial

Designing molecules to be better medicines

Jonathan Palmer’19 uses chemistry to discover molecules that could become effective drugs.

Panelist De’Wight Walker’17 advises students to “be flexible and power through tough times.”

Channeling your passions into a career

An anthropologist, political scientist, and classics major walk into healthcare careers. Seven alumni share advice on how they translated their Beloit education into unexpected positions in healthcare.


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