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Hendricks Center for the Arts

building picture from SW view on Grand Ave The Performing and Applied Arts department is housed in the Hendricks Center for the Arts (409 Pleasant St.). The space contains faculty and staff offices, rehearsal and practice spaces, classrooms, and lockers for instrumental storage.

Located between Beloit College campus and downtown Beloit, the building bridges the college and the larger community, offering students the opportunity to extend their studies and experiences beyond the classroom.

Performing Spaces

  • Eaton, Wilson, Weissberg, etc.

Campus Services

  • Career Works, Study Abroad, etc.

Opportunities and resources for each discipline


ScatCatGroove is performed at the annual Chelonia Dance Concert event Students experience movement in a supportive environment that is also rigorous and positive, offering students many opportunities to work on technique, discover their own artistic voices, and develop their unique gifts.

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Design and Technology

Madame de Sade by Yukio Mishima, April 2016, Neese Theatre Students can gain real world hands-on experience stage managing, designing, constructing sets and costumes, and collaborating with professional designers. Beloit College is a place to play, experiment, and discover the potentials of costumes, sets, lighting, and sound.

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A group of students with violins and violas playing together during ensemble practice. Students have many opportunities to engage with music at Beloit. Our offerings provide flexibility for students—even those taking a single course—to develop their passions in performance, composition, or topics in music history and culture. So take lessons, join an ensemble, or find like-minded peers and make friends.

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Theatre Performance

Peter Gustafson, the Mastiff, discovers where Agatha is. Students hone their techniques as performers through a wide variety of department produced productions. Students have the opportunity to engage with everything from European classics, to contemporary Pulitzer Prize-winning new plays, to original scripts and collaborative works devised with student casts. Students start their careers with extensive resumes that span an impressive array of styles and approaches.

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