Performing and Applied Arts

The Department of Performing and Applied Arts (PART) is an interdisciplinary program focusing on the intersections of music, theatre, dance, design, and production. Students who major in PART will receive a well-rounded education intended to prepare them to be interdisciplinary artists unafraid to take risks and make change.

Applied art is any form of art created with a specific practical purpose in mind. This includes purposes outside of aesthetic appreciation, developing skills through the design and creation process useful in various disciplines, and “Learning by doing”, a unique characteristic of Beloit’s approach to pedagogy.

Graduates of our program are not only artists, but are also prepared to live as self-actualizing citizens and individuals. Our classes offer students (majors and non-majors alike) opportunities to think critically, create adventurously, and collaborate successfully. We empower students with knowledge and encourage the pursuit of excellence in all they do.

All courses, productions, ensembles, lessons, and work study opportunities are open to majors and non-majors, of all backgrounds and skill levels, and guide students to do the following:

  1. Connect skills, methods, and modes of knowledge across disciplines and apply them to new contexts.
  2. Develop and refine skills in such areas as performance and production, text, sound, and movement analysis, public speaking, design, and project management.
  3. Build communities in our classes and ensembles.
  4. Interrogate our positions within the changing conventions of performance and production studies.
  5. Empower students to creatively respond to local and global social justice concerns.



Legacy Music, Theatre, and Dance Majors & Minors

With the foundation of the Performing and Applied Arts department and offerings, previous related majors and minors will be discontinued.

Students enrolled at any time before the end of the spring 2025 semester may declare the following majors and minors. Students interested should contact their advisor to explore their options.

Music Majors & Minors

Theatre/Dance Majors & Minors

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