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At Beloit, an internship is more than a line on a resume, and research is more than a way to rehash coursework already mastered. Getting your hands dirty, being challenged and learning to think on your feet is the rule with a Beloit College education, not the exception.

In an op-ed piece in The Chronicle of Higher Education, our own Associate Dean Charles Westerberg and Director of Community-Based Learning Carol Wickersham posit that internships “have an irreplaceable role in the liberal arts.”

While this may be an emerging concept on some campuses, it has a long history at Beloit. Here, we continue to ask students to not only learn, but to apply what they’re learning in real and meaningful ways—ways that distinguish our graduates.

Below, is a sample of some of the dynamic opportunities available to Beloit students. In addition to multiple funded internships and research opportunities, you’ll find college-funded student business start-ups, research and international study symposia, and much more.

For a more complete list, funding details, or other internship/experiential learning ideas, visit the Liberal Arts in Practice Center.


Belmark Associates

A student-run market-research organization sponsored by the economics and management department. Its office is in Campbell Hall.

Duffy Community Partnerships

The Duffy Partnerships place students with community partners, and requires students to 7 to 10 hours a week in the community, participate in a weekly seminar, and conduct research.

Econ Day

A day for econ majors to make connections with alumni and consider life after Beloit.

International Symposium

This annual event showcases the different ways in which Beloit College students engage in international education, with presentations including examples of observation and reflection, field research, volunteering, and internships.

Kemper Scholar

Kemper Scholars receive $6,900 stipends for work in major nonprofit organizations in Chicago during the summer following the sophomore year. Scholars are placed in full-time administrative positions where they can learn about financial management, organizational strategy, fund-raising, and non-profit administration.

Sanger Summer Research Fellowship

Students work collaboratively with a faculty mentor on an original research project in their interest area and participate in weekly seminars. At the conclusion of the program, the research fellows present their project in a formal paper at the summer symposium.

Student Symposium

The Annual Symposium is an opportunity for selected students to present their research to an audience of their peers and mentors who, in most cases, are Beloit College faculty.

Venture Grants

Venture Grants support exciting projects undertaken by students during the summer following their sophomore years. They fund "entrepreneurial, self-testing or intellectually challenging projects that benefit both the student(s) involved and others." Projects are subject to very few restrictions and may be located anywhere in the world—recent recipients went to Nepal, China, and Brazil.