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Student Work

Check out the work of our current and recent students.


Peyton Scarpaci (’23): Breath

Valerie Liang (’22): Worlds

Adriel Limas (’20): Corridor

Sofia Tanski (’19): Truth

Jonathan Dudley (’20): “Hold On” and “Alright”

Planet Beloit: a short film by Chrisian Fares and the InterArts Ensemble, Spring 2019

Musical lives beyond the classroom

Sora: Dog-Eared Pages Featuring Natalie Dusek (’19), Lisa Colligan (’19), Tessa Sebastian (’17)

Bella Pixler (’19)

Emerson Jazz Quartet at C-Haus


Tony Renzema’22 at left with the campus band Saturn Hat.

Beloit’s been quite a ride for Tony Renzema’22

A flexible curriculum, liberal arts focus, and affordability first drew Tony Renzema to Beloit. He’ll graduate with a major in media studies after recording two albums in college music studios, playing to appreciative fans on campus, and touring with his band.

Making Music in the Powerhouse Stairwell

The Music of Ambiguous Space

InterArts ensemble students collaborate creatively.


International Friday: Music from Around the World

Samuel (“Sammy”) Schacter’22 talks about music around the world and his role as a program director at WBCR-90.3 . Enjoy the playlist found here of music from more than 110 countries. Thanks go to WBCR’s 2021 spring semester staff for their work compiling it.


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