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Museum Studies

Beloit College: 40 years leading the field in museum studies

Museum Studies

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What & Why?

Why do we have museums?  How do they shape our understanding of the world?

That’s what Museum Studies at Beloit teaches. Class work is combined with unmatched experience in the Beloit College museums (Logan Museum of Anthropology and Wright Museum of Art) and off-campus museums. Museum studies students use this background to build the basis for a variety of possible museum careers or graduate programs.

Morgan Lippert’21 working in the collections lab at the Milwaukee Public Museum.

Curating Comes Full Circle

Morgan Lippert’21 is putting the Museum Studies knowledge and skills gained at Beloit College to work at three cultural organizations.

A humorous postcard from Beloit, WI

Postcards: Souvenirs and Artifacts of the Past

When one thinks of historical artifacts and collections one’s mind usually ventures to dusty old tomes and broken bits of pottery, however, Beloit faculty and staff members Donna Oliver and Betsy Brewer have an unorthodox perspective. Betsy and Donna took the time to chat with Matthew Elliott’22 about each of their unique collections along with their perspectives on the act of collecting itself.


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