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Media Studies

Direct and write your own films, work at a television station, report and edit the news: our media studies majors hone their craft in a one-of-a-kind program at a liberal arts college.

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Media Studies

A Beloit Production

If you have an interest in making and studying films or television shows, crafting news and feature stories, or writing about music, sports, and film, you should consider Beloit’s unique program in Media Studies.

Hone Your Craft

Requirements for earning a degree in media studies at Beloit include a range of courses on film, TV and the written word. From Nonfiction Video Production, Directing Fiction Film, Graphic Novel and Comics, Environmental Writing, and Music Journalism, students majoring in Media Studies will have a honed eye ready for the production studio.

Make your Mark

Media Studies majors complete internships and gain media-related employment on and off campus. Students can also supplement our media studies major in cities like Chicago and Washington, DC, and at international universities where they can earn credits towards their major.

Making a living from a love of sports

Making a living from a love of sports

Nate Johnson’22 ran cross-country and played baseball when he began college. When he transferred to Beloit to begin his junior year, however, he wanted a new way to participate in sports. At Beloit, he was able to develop the skills he needed to become a sports broadcaster.

Cameron Alonso’22

Beloit scores: preparing students for careers in the world of sports

At Beloit, academic coursework and hands-on learning help students translate their love of sports into careers.

Hope Joy Nelson’23

Media study major finds adventure with Barbara and Bill Haseltine prize

Emmy-winning media producer Eric May’79 funds scholarships for media studies superstars. Hope Joy Nelson’23, the award’s first recipient, launched her   “Hope This Helps” blog. Apply by…


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