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After Beloit


Mathematics majors go in many different directions after leaving Beloit. Some go on to graduate school in mathematics; those who have a second major often continue in that field, given advantage by their work in mathematics. Universities entered by recent graduates include Chicago, Duke, Iowa, Michigan, Purdue, SUNY at Stony Brook, and Wisconsin, as well as the University of Chicago for business; Johns Hopkins University for astronomy; and UCLA for anthropology.

Other recent graduates have taken jobs in utility and insurance rate-making, operations research for a trucking firm, household energy modeling for the National Bureau of Standards, engineering flight simulators for the U.S. Air Force, high school and grade school teaching, and all kinds of computer work.


Saugat Pandey’21 visits Chicago before heading to graduate school.

Pursuing Graduate School Post-Beloit to Continue to Learn and Discover

Motivated by his academic pursuits while a student at Beloit College, Saugat Pandey’21 began Ph.D. studies immediately following his graduation in order to continue to grow his understanding of computer science.


Flexibility in Data Analytics

Tom Slusher ’12 is motivated by the ever-changing process of working with data.


Data Science - Not a Typical Career

Sunny Jing ’15 makes every workday different as a Data Scientist.


Financial Advisor: A Financial Recommendation Can Solve a Massive Problem

Tamari Maisuradze ’18 uses her educational knowledge and experiences to advise clients on their financial problems.


Data Scientist: Turning an Interest into a Successful Career

Elom Goka ’14 made the most out of his interest and became a Data Scientist.


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