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Grounded in interviewing, researching, writing, and editing with an appropriate emphasis on critical thinking and media studies.

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Cover Everything


All students completing Beloit College’s popular and distinguished journalism minor are required to complete an internship at a media organization. The program welcomes students from the natural sciences, sociology, government, and theater arts (to name a few) to study journalism and encourages them to gear their journalistic endeavours to their major fields.

We want our students to learn the intersections between theory and practice through internships at newspapers, television stations, and public relations offices.

The Minor

Journalism at Beloit is a minor concentration consisting of six courses. Two of these are print journalism courses; the third is in a different dimension of communication such as broadcast journalism, photography, or television broadcasting. Students also must take one supporting course relevant to the prospective career interest of the student and a course with an international or multicultural dimension. Journalism minors are also required to gain practical experience at a campus publication or in a professional setting outside campus.

Young Alum Hits It Big in Radio
Journalism News

Young Alum Hits It Big in Radio

Within weeks of graduating, Dianne Lugo ’19 embarked on an impressive journalism career. After a brief stint writing for a publication in Los Angeles, Lugo got the opportunity to write, research, and produce for NPR’s acclaimed weekly broadcast, “Code Switch.”
Tyree Smith’18

Early Career Report: Tyree Smith’19, TV Sports Anchor and Reporter

Tyree Smith’19, a Media Studies major and Journalism minor, began his career weeks after graduating from Beloit.  Currently a multi-media journalist for ESPN West Palm, he began his

Nate Johnson’22 on the job at the WYMT station

Making a living from a love of sports

Nate Johnson’22 ran cross-country and played baseball when he began college. When he transferred to Beloit to begin his junior year, however, he wanted a new way to participate in…


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