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Student Work


Duffy student Uzma Sayed

Observing Help and Hope During a Pandemic

When field experiences ended suddenly, students continued to learn from the world around them, wherever they were, by observing social reactions to COVID-19.

DaZha Creal’21

Building community and getting involved

DaZha believes that community engagement and involvement on campus are essential to getting the full Beloit experience. Creating connections and channels of productive communication are her key to a successful education at Beloit.

Gabrielle and her friend standing at a lookout in Qingdao on the coast of China.

Postcard from China: Exploring local politics & histories

Gabrielle Watson’21 is enjoying having her views on politics and history challenged while studying abroad in Shandong, China. She also joined four clubs in order to meet local students.

Daigeng Tian in the DMZ zone between North and South Korea.

Broading Interests

Beloit helped Daigeng Tian find unexpected interests.


Seeing the Border, First Hand

Twelve Beloit College students spent spring break educating themselves on the issues surrounding the U.S.-Mexico border, and they didn’t opt to do it from a scholarly distance.


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