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The Major

We approach the study of global politics from an intellectually rigorous interdisciplinary perspective. The core of the concentration in international relations consists of economics, language, and political science courses as well as a senior seminar. This core is supplemented by a variety of discretionary courses with an international dimension drawn from the social sciences, humanities, and physical sciences. The international relations major is designed to facilitate second majors, such as economics, and languages.

Beyond conventional course work, students of international relations enjoy different modes of learning. The department offers qualified students the opportunity to conduct mentored individual research and to self design courses. An important part of Beloit’s heritage is its number of international students, who bring a variety of cultures and backgrounds to the campus. Lectures, dinners, and other multi-cultural events are sponsored by Beloit’s International Club to build student awareness of our global society.

Professional Exploration

We recommend and encourage international relations majors to take advantage of Beloit College’s study abroad opportunities. The vast majority of international relations majors spend at least one term at a college or university in another country. In recent years students have studied in China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, and Zimbabwe, to name a few. For more information on Beloit’s Study Abroad Programs, follow this link to the Office of International Education.

The annual Off-Campus Studies Fair features many information booths about study abroad and domest... The annual Off-Campus Studies Fair features many information booths about study abroad and domestic off-campus study options for students.

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