After Beloit

As one of the “International 50,” Beloit College is recognized as one of the leading colleges in preparing American students for international service, diplomacy, and scholarship. 

What do our students do with the international relations major?

Our graduates have had many opportunities to practice what they have learned. In the past five years, Beloit students have gone on to graduate programs at Johns Hopkins, George Washington University, Tufts University, the University of Maryland, Oxford, and the University of Iowa Law School. Many have earned doctorate degrees and are in the academic profession.

Others have moved into the business world and are executives in corporations both in the U.S. and overseas. A significant number are in government agencies. We have had at least two alumni serve as ambassadors and many more in high level State Department positions and other government executive departments. Some have become journalists, among them is a woman who directs the PBS News Hour.

One alumnus is an international consultant specializing in developmental and environmental issues in East Africa. Another alumnus is a successful jewelry designer and manufacturer. He believes his education in international relations prepared him beautifully for life.


“Aureus” Book Cover


By Joan Lindhorst Cathcart’61
Dorrance Publishing Company, 2022

“Never the Same Again” Book Cover

A journey across continents started at Beloit

An essay and a photograph by Judy Schroeder’81 were selected for Never the Same Again: Life, Service, and Friendship in Liberia, an anthology published by Friends of Liberia — a Peace Corps alumni group.

Lily Wojtowicz

Alumna Lily Wojtowicz earns prestigious Truman Center for National Policy award

She will be joining the center as Janne E. Nolan Nuclear Security Visiting Fellow

Deepakshi Bhardwaj’22 during a theater department visit in Madison, WI

Becoming myself at Beloit College

Deepakshi Bhardwaj’22 came to Beloit College with political science in mind. She graduated with both majors in international relations and business economics and a strong sense of self.  

Hiroaki Tani’20 studied abroad at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.

On the move

Hiroaki Tani’20 works for Japan’s foreign ministry, with plans to move to France, attend grad school, and relocate to a different French-speaking country. He says his Beloit education encouraged him to “dive into the world and out of [his] comfort zone.”


Alumna Natalie Chwalisz 07’ publishes article on international migration

Scholarship on migration focuses on economic as well as security factors.

Dr. Tamanisha John

Alumna Tamanisha John ’15 earns best dissertation award

Her work, “Canadian Banks and Imperialism in the English-Speaking Caribbean,” was celebrated at the 2022 annual conference of the Caribbean Studies Association (CSA,) held May 30-June 3.


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