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International Relations

Global Challenges: Justice and Power

International Relations

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Engage the world.

International Relations majors learn to embrace diverse perspectives, explain and analyze problems, to cultivate empathy and cross-cultural understanding, and to design policies to address complex problems. IR alums put their skills to work in careers such as journalism, humanitarian aid, global health, education, human rights, international business, and environmental activism.

Learn how the world works.

What causes war? What fosters peace? What drives economic development? How can we promote human rights and protect the environment? IR majors grapple with the causes and consequences of some of the world’s most pressing questions.

Cross boundaries – both disciplinary and geographic.

The IR major is grounded in the core disciplines of political science and language supplemented with courses from other relevant fields, including economics, anthropology, history, and religious studies. Many IR students spend a semester or a year studying off-campus or complete an internationally focused internship. You can analyze foreign policy in Washington, D.C., research water scarcity in Botswana, study the EU in Brussels, work with refugees in France or migrants in Mexico, intern with a community health organization in Senegal or a children’s rights organization in Jordan, or hone your language skills at a night market in China. Plus many majors are international students themselves!

International Relations News

Weissberg Chair In Human Rights And Social Justice

The Weissberg Chair in Human Rights and Social Justice was established in 1999, and each year a distinguished individual who has made important contributions to understanding and defending human rights and social justice on the international stage is invited to campus for a week-long residency.
At left:
Khadiza Ali ’22, Mengyan Li ’21, and Gisela Sarabia-Sandoval ’22 attended the PPIA Conference in Minneapolis, MN together. Jessi Nguyen ’22 also attended, but is not pictured here.

Beloiters Represent at Public Service Conference

Over break, 4 Beloit students participated in a Public Policy & International Affairs (PPIA) Public Service Conference at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota.


Claire Ramos’19 works to empower immigrants and refugees

Throughout her studies at Beloit College, Claire Ramos’19 actively sought out opportunities to apply what she was learning in her courses.


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