A humorous postcard from Beloit, WI

Postcards: Souvenirs and Artifacts of the Past

When one thinks of historical artifacts and collections one’s mind usually ventures to dusty old tomes and broken bits of pottery, however, Beloit faculty and staff members Donna Oliver and Betsy Brewer have an unorthodox perspective. Betsy and Donna took the time to chat with Matthew Elliott’22 about each of their unique collections along with their perspectives on the act of collecting itself.

 The North Atlantic Music Ensemble performs at C-Haus in 2017 (Photo: Ellen Joyce)

Preserving the History of a Beloit Institution

Beloit College’s infamous bar, Coughy House or C-Haus, has a special place in Beloit’s history. Since it is temporarily closed, students are trying to keep that history alive for students in the future.

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