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Rachel Bergstrom, Associate Professor of Biology

Rachel A Bergstrom

Associate Professor of Biology
Office: Room 336, Sanger Center for the Sciences

Gregory Buchanan

Associate Professor of Psychology
Department Chair
Office: Room 237, Sanger Center for the Sciences
Suzanne Cox

Suzanne Cox

Professor of Psychology
Office: Room 236, Sanger Center for the Sciences
Kristin Labby, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Kristin Labby

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Office: Room 420, Sanger Center for the Sciences
Sylvia Lopez

Sylvia Lopez

Harry C. Moore Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures (Spanish)
Office: Room 204, World Affairs Center

Laura E. Parmentier

Professor and Chair of Chemistry
Office: Room 418, Sanger Center for the Sciences
Pablo Toral

Pablo Toral

Professor of Environmental Studies and International Relations, Department Chair
Office: Room 112A, Morse-Ingersoll Hall
Ron Watson, Ph.D.

Ron Watson

Associate Professor, Health & Society and Political Science
Office: Room 204, Morse-Ingersoll Hall


Megan Westenberg

Megan Westenberg

Academic Program Coordinator of the Science Center
Office: Room 114, Sanger Center for the Sciences

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