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Student Work

Research Opportunities

Collaborative research between students and faculty members is an important part of the geology program at Beloit College. Under the direction of a member of the Geology faculty, all geology majors design and implement a senior thesis research project, gather and analyze their own data, and present their results.

Research opportunities are also available through the Keck Geology Consortium which includes 17 colleges committed to undergraduate education in geology through intercollegiate programs that engage students and faculty in cooperative research. Among its founders was Beloit College Professor Emeritus Hank Woodard.


Delaney Leigh McCarthy ’21 Examines Devonian Organic Matter Variability within the Appalachian Basin

Delaney Leigh McCarthy ’21 is a geology major working with Jay Zambito as her thesis advisor.  Delaney is characterizing Middle-Late Devonian (Givetian-Fransian) terrestrial to marine organic matter flux in black shales. 

Sydney Crockett ’21

Sydney Crockett ’21 Explores Links between Wild Rice and Sulfate in Minnesota Lakes

Sydney Crockett ’21 is an environmental geology and pre-engineering major working with Sue Swanson as her thesis advisor.  Her research shows how the decline and recovery of wild rice biomass is linked to sulfate concentrations in lakes.

Professor Swanson describes what is happening on the Geology Department’s Stream Table to her class.

Students experiment with the Geology Department Stream Table

Professor Sue Swanson describes to the class what is happening during an experiment on the Stream Table.


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