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After Beloit


Arthur Siller ’05

Alumni Advice: Arthur Siller ’05

Arthur Siller ’05 divulges details about his experience as a doctoral student at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Amy Delbecq Riegel ’16

Alumni Advice: Amy Delbecq Riegel ’16

Amy Delbecq Riegel ’16 notes her experiences as a Senior Engineering Technician at the Water Resources department in Plymouth, Minnesota.

Emma Koeppel ’16

Alumni Advice: Emma Koeppel ’16

Emma Koeppel ’16 shares insights about her profession as an Environmental Education Site Manager at the School District of Waukesha’s Environmental Education Center.

Andrew Koure ’19

Alumni Advice: Andrew Koure ’19

Andrew Koure ’19 discusses his career as an instrumentation technician with Geocomp.

Christine Shonnard ’19

Alumni Advice: Christine Shonnard ’19

Christine Shonnard ’19 discusses her work as a physical scientist with the US EPA

Jennifer Pantelios ’19

Alumni Advice: Jennifer Pantelios ’19

Jennifer Pantelios ’19 explains her work as a restoration crew leader.


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