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What drives the Earth’s water, tectonic, and climate systems? How have Earth’s life forms and environments changed over time? And how are humans affecting Earth systems today?


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Understand Your World

Get out of the classroom

Study geology in the field, from local streams and rock outcrops to destinations such as Death Valley, the Grand Canyon, and Canyonlands National Parks. Study glaciers in Norway, volcanoes in Japan, rivers in China, beaches in Australia, and mountains in New Zealand during semesters abroad.

Unearth the past

Southern Wisconsin was once covered by a tropical, shallow sea teeming with trilobites. Explore the rock record to understand how fossilized organisms evolved and why they went extinct.

Apply your skills to the water, climate, and energy challenges facing our society

Prepare for a career in the geosciences by designing a sustainable rain garden to reduce storm water runoff, comparing climate reconstructions in the Eocene to changes observed today, and learning about the environmental impacts of our dependence on non-renewable resources.

Geology Department Annual Fall Field Trip
Geology Department Annual Fall Field Trip

Geology Department Annual Fall Field Trip


Emmalynn May ’23 Looks at the Beloit College La Brea Tar Pit Fossil Collection

Emmalynn May is a Geology and Environmental Biology major working with thesis advisor Jay Zambito. She is looking at the taxonomy and taphonomy of Beloit College’s La Brea Tar Pit…


Olivia Farbarik ’23 Interprets Devonian Carbon Cycle Dynamics

Olivia Farbarik ’23 is a Geology major working with thesis advisor Jay Zambito. She is using a drill core from the Illinois Basin in Bullitt County, Kentucky to interpret Devonian…


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