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Physics Professor Obioma Ohia observes students as they discuss a class project.Physics Professor Obioma Ohia observes students as they discuss a class project.

Our faculty teach with an unmatched blend of expertise, fascination, passion and keen sense of what matters most for your future. They will show you things and teach you ways of thinking that you didn’t know were possible. They will give you the skills and ability to connect every dimension of your Beloit experience to a meaningful career. It’s what they do.

Faculty Stories

Associate Professor of Classics Lisl Walsh

Senecan Tragedy in the City of Rome

Associate Professor of Classics Lisl Walsh discusses the concept of place for Roman playwrights at thi year’s inaugural Faculty Forum. 


Cognitive Science and Comics

Chair of Cognitive Science Robin Zebrowski has found that Cognitive Science and comics go hand in hand in many ways. Learn why Robin thinks this is the most exciting time to be reading comics.

Laura Grube’08 teaching in the Science Center.

Being Both an Alum and a Faculty Member

Laura Grube’08 knew she wanted to go to a small, liberal arts college, but she didn’t know she would end up teaching at her alma mater as an Assistant Professor of Economics.

Jennifer Esperanza has mentored many Beloit students, including Dan Weyl’10, who took an unconventional path in his study of anthropology.

A Two-Way Street

Mentoring at Beloit is marked by a give and take between students, faculty, and staff that is a beautiful thing to watch.


New engagement program aims to bring Beloiters together

Conceived by the Beloit Forward Turnaround Committee in the summer of 2018, Beloit’s new engagement program is a one-stop resource for Beloiters to participate in Beloit experiences on and off campus and engage with students.


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