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European Studies Minor

Knowing about Europe gives insight into past and present and their interconnectedness, and helps us imagine the future.

Requirements (6 units)

  1. One unit providing a broad overview of European culture, society, politics, or history such as History 268 (Europe and the Modern World) or Political Science 237 (European Union).
  2. One unit beyond the first year in an ancient European language or in a modern European language that is not the student’s first language.
  3. Coursework must focus on at least two European countries or regions.
  4. At least 1 unit must be on Europe before 1789, and at least 1 unit must be on Europe after 1789.
  5. Up to 1 unit of credit can be taken in a course the focus of which is not primarily on Europe, as long as the student does substantial work on a European topic for the course. If selecting this option, students should consult a European studies advisor before or at the beginning of the semester to make sure the option will meet the requirements for the minor.
  6. No more than 2 units taken in the same program or department may count towards the minor.
  7. Additionally, students must write a 2,000-word reflective essay synthesizing themes and questions that have emerged from their studies of Europe. Students are expected to make a public presentation based on the essay. Normally, this will happen as part of the lnternational Symposium or Student Symposium.
  8. While study abroad in Europe is not required, it is highly recommended. Courses with a European focus taken abroad, whether in Europe or another world region, can be counted towards the minor.


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