Fall 2023 core environmental studies courses

ENVS 260 Media and the Anthropocene

ENVS 280 Environmental History of the Modern Middle East

ENVS 287 Environmental Hispanic Literature

ENVS 295 Philosophy of Nature

HIST 212 Japan, East Asia, and the Pacific World (students planning to use this course to fulfill a core environmental studies requirement need to discuss this with Professor Robert LaFleur and with their environmental studies advisor during the first week of the semester to plan the coursework accordingly.)

We offer many more methods and skills environmental studies courses that do not have an “ENVS” designation. You will find them on the portal under the Fall 2023 schedule, listed by their parent department. The list of course requirements for each environmental studies major is available here.

Permanent Courses

Course information found here includes all permanent offerings and is updated regularly whenever Academic Senate approves changes. For historical information, see the Course Catalogs. For actual course availability in any given term, use Course Search in the Portal.

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