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Environmental Studies

Like the outdoors? Care about what you eat? Committed to environmental justice? Interested in sustainable communities? Us too.

Environmental Studies

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Explore Your Potential

Let Your Passion Make An Impact

Beloit offers five different environmental studies majors: three disciplinary majors in environmental biology, environmental chemistry, and environmental geology, and two interdisciplinary majors: Environmental Communication and Arts and Environmental Justice and Citizenship. Choose your focus, and put your passion toward changing the world.

Environmental Justice students conduct research in the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness. Environmental Justice students conduct research in the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness.

Find your place

Build on your talents and passions to explore different ways to protect the environment. The courses for environmental studies majors are as diverse as the world around us. Learn about biodiversity and geological hazards. Design energy efficient machines and buildings, and sustainable communities. Prepare for environmental activism. Make your art an instrument of social and environmental change.

Change the world

At Beloit, environmental studies majors and minors have unique opportunities to conduct field research with faculty and fellow students, study abroad, pursue internships, and engage in sustainability work on-campus as well in the community.

Alumni have gone on to careers in the arts, journalism, community-based activism, education, environmental law, the EPA, industry, and international organizations such as the United Nations.


Conversation with the Danish Minister for Climate

Yale Environmental Dialogue invites us to learn from Denmark’s Minister of Climate how they intend to be one of the first countries in the world to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Gisela Sarabia-Sandoval’22

Gaining Resilience on the Way to a Career in Public Policy

International Relations major and SEL scholar, Gisela Sarabia-Sandoval’22 is acquiring the knowledge, experiences, and skills - academic, personal, and professional - needed for a career in public policy.


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