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Creative Writing Senior Requirement

Creative writing majors must complete one of the following.

Public Reading

A 20-minute public reading in March/April (or December) of one’s best creative work; it does not need to be new work. Majors electing the reading option will read together in groups of three and the English department faculty will arrange the time and place of the event. Please note that the default time is Fridays at 4 pm (due to faculty schedules).

Possible venues include: WAC South Lounge, The C-Haus, The Java Joint. Please note that you will need to make your own arrangements for C-Haus and Java Joint, and that you will need to advertise your reading.

Printed Booklet

A booklet containing at least:

  • 40 pages of prose, or
  • 20 pages of poetry, or
  • 30 pages which proportionally combine prose and poetry.

The work need not consist of new work but should represent the best of one’s creative writing. The booklet is due the last day of classes of the spring (or fall) semester. One copy must be delivered to the advisor and two copies to the Chair—one will be placed in the college archives. N.B.: Students, not the department, assume the cost of the booklet. Please do not wait until the last weeks of the semester to plan and produce your booklet. Booklets must be paginated and include a table of contents.

Other Media

A cd, website, or other creative presentation (i.e., via radio, video or podcast). Any project other than a public reading or booklet must be approved ahead of time by the English department faculty.

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