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Faculty & Staff


Professor Francesca Abbate

Francesca Abbate

Associate Professor of English
Office: Room 105, World Affairs Center
Joe Bookman

Joe Bookman

Assistant Professor of Media Studies
Office: 2nd Floor, Writing Center
Marilyn Chin

Marilyn Chin

Lois W. Mackey Chair in Creative Writing, Spring 2020
Michael Dango

Michael Dango

Assistant Professor of English
Office: Room 203, Wright Museum of Art
At Crooked Lake

Christopher Fink

Professor of English and Chair of Environmental Studies
Office: Room 205B, World Affairs Center

Shawn Gillen

Professor of English and Journalism (sabbatical leave, 2021-22)
Office: Room 101, World Affairs Center
Elizabeth Giorgi

Elizabeth A. Giorgi

Visiting Assistant Professor of English and Journalism
Office: Room 209, World Affairs Center
Tamara Ketabgian (“ke-TAHB-jin”; she/her/hers)

Tamara Ketabgian

Professor and Chair of English
Office: Room 208, World Affairs Center
Writing in Cuzco

Chuck Lewis

Professor of English and Director of the Writing Program
Office: 1st Floor, Writing Center


Crystal Copeland

Academic Program Coordinator
Office: Room 205A, World Affairs Center

Emeritus Faculty

Diane Lichtenstein

Emerita Professor of English and Critical Identity Studies

Diane Lichtenstein

John Rosenwald

Emeritus Professor of English

John Rosenwald, Emeritus Professor of English

Tom McBride

Emeritus Professor of English

Lisa Haines Wright

Emerita Professor of English

Cynthia McCown

Emerita Professor of English

Cynthia McCown

Steve Wright

Emeritus Professor of English

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