Resources & Opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities for future engineers to get real-life experience.

CELEB Maker Lab

A Beloit student operates the 3D printer in the Makers Lab at the Center for Entrepreneurship in ... Stocked with tools, supplies, and equipment, the Maker Lab at CELEB will give you free rein to develop and test ideas in an environment designed to spark creativity and collaboration.

Machine Shop

The heavy duty machines in this shop will enable you to do hands-on work fabricating tools to use in lab experiments, create engineering prototypes, and undertake student-driven projects. Examples of past machine usage include the creation of parts for Beloit College’s linear accelerator and experiments in fluid dynamics and granular material flows.

Linear Accelerator

Using Beloit College’s Groningen 5 MV van de Graff accelerator, you will generate accelerator protons for nuclear physics.

Students collaborate with Professor Paul Stanley on repairing and maintaining a particle accelera...


Beloit College’s Schools can help you connect experiences in and outside the classroom in preparation for careers and life after Beloit.

Oak Ridge Science Semester

This semester-long program offers students unparalleled immersion in scientific research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the US Department of Energy’s largest science and energy laboratory.

Study Abroad

Study abroad expands the curriculum by offering students specialized science and engineering classes at universities abroad, supporting cultural learning, and offering opportunities to undertake applied work.


Engineering students have many opportunities to engage in research. Research supervised by Beloit College faculty can take place both during the academic year and during the summer, while many students also engage in REUs at research labs and research universities through the National Science Foundation. Examples can be found in the sections on Student Work and After Beloit.

Information on additional opportunities for out-of-classroom learning for engineering physics students can be found on Physics, Engineering, & Astronomy.

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