After Beloit


Sarah Katz’07

From Physics 102 to Space Exploration

Sarah Katz’07 always knew she wanted to work on space exploration, but initially worked in IT after graduating from Beloit College. It didn’t take her long, however, to return to the physics and engineering studies she had focused on at Beloit. As a result, she’s now a lead radiation engineer for the Europa Clipper mission to Jupiter.

Johnny Li’20 (center top) with fellow fraternity brothers graduating from Beloit

Slowing Down to Learn, Explore, and Engage on the Way to Becoming an Engineer

As a high school early leaver, at Beloit College, design engineer Johnny Li’20 found an environment that nurtured him personally and academically by allowing him to take courses in a variety of fields and establish strong connections with both fellow students and faculty members.  

Aidan Murphy’21

Passionate about learning and fuel-efficient travel

With undergraduate degrees from both Beloit College and Washington University, Aidan Murphy’21 is embarking on a PhD as the next step toward a career in aerospace engineering.

Anna Edwards’10

Harnessing the power of ocean waves

Beloit College physics major and electrical engineer Anna Edwards’10 is working to use ocean waves to provide renewable energy.

Addison Merchut’09

Inspired by peers’ belief in themselves to explore, focus, and achieve

Hatch Product Development founder (Gordon) Addison Merchut’09 threw himself into his physics studies and undergraduate life while at Beloit College, where he also began to explore engineering. Subsequent engineering studies and diverse work experiences, along with an entrepreneurial spirit nurtured at Beloit, led to his current role.

Stepha Kvokov’20

Helping people and the planet

Chemical engineering consultant Stephanida Kvokov’20 draws on skills developed while studying at Beloit College to now develop client solutions.

Kaela Evans19 works with a fellow peer in the lab.

Making a positive difference

Newly minted chemical engineer Kaela Evans’19 (BS’21, Washington University) is passionate about doing good in the world and paying it forward.


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