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A unique dual degree program that combines the critical thinking skills of Beloit’s liberal arts in practice with the applied technical training of an engineering school.


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Build your engineering degree with a Beloit foundation

Think Beyond the Box

Develop your foundational skills for engineering- math, physics, computer science- in a liberal arts environment that makes space for humanities and social awareness.  Dual degree engineers are in demand in the market place: technical savvy grounded in critical thinking with real-life experience putting the liberal arts in practice.  Thinking that goes beyond boxes.

Three years

Experience the active learning environment at Beloit.  Top notch intensive foundational instruction, with options to go outside a traditional engineering program.  Music? Philosophy? Anthropology? Chinese?  Not just possible, but encouraged.  Explore new ways of thinking, and build the interdisciplinary skills that firms looks for.

Two years

Finish the dual degree program with focused engineering courses in an ABET accredited program leading to a bachelors, and maybe a masters.  

Multiple Pathways

3+2, 3+3, 4+2.  You can choose three or four years at Beloit College, depending on your goals and program.

James Wicker

James Wicker awarded R. R. Palmer Teaching Fellowship in Physics

Physics and Engineering student, James Wicker, is awarded the R. R. Palmer Teaching Fellowship in Physics

Bronson Balhom

Bronson Balholm awarded R. R. Palmer Teaching Fellowship in Physics and Ferwerda Merit Scholar

Bronson Balholm, a physics and engineering student, wins the R.R. Palmer Teaching Fellowship in Physics and the Ferwerda Merit Scholar awards.


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