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Beloit’s “whole person” approach to engineering will give you the foundation you need to be successful, no matter your ultimate destination.


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What are you looking to do with engineering?

Are you looking to be an Engineer…

Perhaps you know you want to be an engineer, but you also have other interests. You want a college where you’ll be known and mentored, without giving up the depth and experiences you would get with an engineering-only program.

Beloit’s 3-2 and 4-2 programs gives you the best of both worlds: a complete engineering education with the opportunity to explore other interests and develop unique skills.

…or looking to explore the possibilities?

Perhaps you love math and science, and you’re looking for a college that will equip you for a career in STEM, while giving you time and space to explore. You want a college that can help you develop the cultural competency you’ll need to be effective in our increasingly diverse and interconnected world.

Beloit’s Engineering Physics degree gives you the room to explore engineering and similar fields with faculty and alumni support to help you find what it is you want to do after graduation.

Either way, Beloit’s curriculum will give you what you need to succeed.

You will get scientific knowledge and technical skills from engineering courses and experience putting these into practice, with guidance from faculty mentors.

All the while, you’ll continue to pursue the passions and interests that make you who you are, while making new connections and finding new directions.

Renewable energy, sustainable food, and German
Engineering News

Renewable energy, sustainable food, and German

Beloit College prepared solar design engineer Drew Clark’11 to learn on his own as he studied physics and pursued multiple passions.
Sarah Katz’07

From Physics 102 to Space Exploration

Sarah Katz’07 always knew she wanted to work on space exploration, but initially worked in IT after graduating from Beloit College. It didn’t take her long, however, to return to the physics and engineering studies she had focused on at Beloit. As a result, she’s now a lead radiation engineer for the Europa Clipper mission to Jupiter.

Johnny Li’20 (center top) with fellow fraternity brothers graduating from Beloit

Slowing Down to Learn, Explore, and Engage on the Way to Becoming an Engineer

As a high school early leaver, at Beloit College, design engineer Johnny Li’20 found an environment that nurtured him personally and academically by allowing him to take courses in a variety of fields and establish strong connections with both fellow students and faculty members.


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