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Teaching Performance Assessment

Demonstrating effective planning, instruction, and assessment.

edTPA, formerly the Teacher Performance Assessment, was designed by teachers and teacher educators to support candidate learning and provide data that support preparation program growth and renewal. Aligned with Common Core State Standards and InTASC Standards, edTPA assesses teaching behaviors that focus on student learning.

In compliance with the Wisconsin Quality Educator Initiative (PI-34), student teachers will be required to complete the edTPA for evaluation.


  • choose a learning segment of 3-5 lessons in one class
  • collect artifacts (lesson plans, instructional materials, teaching videos, assessments, and sample student work)
  • write commentaries in response to prompts in the subject-specific edTPA handbook
  • submit their artifacts and commentaries for professional scoring


Students will complete the edTPA during their student teaching semester.

The edTPA process identifies and collects subject-specific evidence of effective teaching from a learning segment of 3-5 lessons from a unit of instruction for one class of students. Teacher candidates submit authentic artifacts from their lessons, and submit commentaries that provide a rationale to support their instructional practices based on learning strengths and needs of students.

Passing edTPA Scores for Wisconsin

The following table represents the passing scores determined by the Wisconsin State Superintendent:

  • 13-Rubric Handbooks: Score of 32
  • 15-Rubric Handbooks: Score of 38
  • 18-Rubric Handbooks: Score of 45


The Education & Youth Studies department will guide you through the process.  In addition, there are the following resources:

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