State License / Certification Disclosure Statement

Educator licensing in the State of Wisconsin is processed by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI), using the Educator Licensing Online (ELO) system. Applications for licensure are found on DPI’s website. ELO processes applications for the following license types:

Graduates of Beloit College’s teacher preparation programs are endorsed for a provisional license/initial educator license, tier-II level.

For current students

Before you begin your license application, we are required to submit your license endorsement information to DPI. This will be completed once you finish all requirements in your program.

For alumni

If you completed your Wisconsin preparation program before 9/1/2004, please follow the directions available via DPI’s website. If you completed your program between 9/1/2004 and 12/31/2013, please email, with your current legal name, previous name, date of birth and graduation month to request your information be submitted to DPI.

Helpful links

There is frequently at least a “license with stipulations option” in other states for Wisconsin program completers who have a current, valid Wisconsin teaching license. This option includes teachers, administrators, speech pathologists, and school counselors. For this reason, our graduates are strongly encouraged to apply for their Wisconsin license prior to applying in another state.

State Licensure/Certification Disclosure for Teacher Licenses

Wisconsin has reciprocity with dozens of states in the country regarding teacher licenses. Please check with the state you are interested in transferring your teaching license about specific requirements, procedures and paperwork.

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