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Student Work


Sage Green ’21 (right)

The Puppet Play

Sage Green ’21 brings theater to the community with “The Puppet Play,” a devised theater project she wrote and brought to life in collaboration with high school students.

Credit: Chicago Center for Urban Life (CCUL) To see the whole interview by CCUL, click here

A unique experience from student teaching in Chicago

A junior from Beloit College, Kendra Grogan, shared her special “study-abroad” experience in Chicago, where she gained the in-classroom experience as a student teacher at Nettelhorst Elementary.

Shreya Regmi’20

Using anthropology to improve elementary education

Shreya’s anthropology studies combined with firsthand experiences with elementary students, helps her bring anthropological perspectives to the classroom to better serve and understand educational practices.

Credit: Finn Brandt’20

Using a Podcast to Transfer Knowledge: Familiar and Effective

There is so much more about being an education major than learning to become a teacher. Finn Brandt ’22 did research about teachers’ unions and activism in Chicago and Japan and created a podcast as a medium to present his work and transfer knowledge even further.

Students in the East Meets West class discussed about images in the book Dear Old days (or Hello Little Friends) by Ryoji Akiyama

Reliving the Childhood through a Comparative Lens

Sixteen students from four countries were the curators for the “Compare: Images of Childhood” exhibition at Beloit College’s Wright Museum of Arts in fall 2019. Primarily drawing upon the photo album “Dear Old days (or Hello Little Friends)” about Chinese children in the 1980s by the Japanese photographer Ryoji Akiyama, our students examined the familiar yet complex childhood experiences with regards to learning, expectations and happiness.


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