Student Teaching & Fieldwork

Learning by doing.

A variety of clinical experiences are a vital phase in an Education or Youth Studies major’s professional preparation. By its very nature, time within the surrounding area classrooms places the student in a dual role, that of a student and that of a teacher.

We have students work in a variety of different environments during their time at Beloit College, whether it is doing field work or internships for or time within a variety of classrooms working in collaboration with professors, students and local cooperating teachers. Our program prepares graduates to teach in diverse settings, and to help students find purpose in their lives by learning to creatively tie their subject matter and passions to make fun, interactive lessons and programs to use upon graduation.

Student Teaching

Student Teaching (EDYS 302, 304, 310) is offered each fall for 1-3 units and includes a seminar and supervision/administration of student teaching. Teacher Education students  enroll in 3 units of fall student teaching (equivalent of 18 weeks of student teaching) based on the calendar of the placement and participate in the student teaching seminar. Students who are completing  student teaching abroad normally enroll in 1-2 units of student teaching in the fall and finish abroad. (Please be aware that Wisconsin licensure requires that students complete one full and continuous semester of student teaching.)

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Fieldwork is the equivalent of student teaching for anyone who wants to do work in childcare, social work, or other youth studies related, non-teaching occupations. Students should contact the EDYS 306 instructor as soon as after they register for the course to discuss their fieldwork placement. They should do this in the semester before actual fieldwork starts. Students can register for 0.5-3 units of fieldwork each semester depending on their case.

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