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After Beloit


Tom Owenby ’01

Advice for students: anchor education research in theory and practice

Tom Owenby’01 talks about the importance of teachers being intentional in what and how they teach their students, from his experience as a teacher and a researcher focusing on elementary and secondary education.

Chen Bao’16

More than Learning English

Walking into her first Education class with an initial goal of improving her English skills, Chen Bao’16 immediately fell in love with the field. Chen said that being a double major in Economics and Education is the most impactful thing that shaped her personalities.

Danny Corral’15

Qualities of a Good Researcher

Research is always full of challenges. For Danny Corral’15, Beloit taught him a good researcher needs patience, persistence and most of all, empathy.

Junhao Zhou’19

Learning to Teach from Observing and Reflecting

Junhao Zhao’19 is a Mandarin Chinese Teacher for students from fifth grade through eleventh grade. Graduating with degrees in Spanish and Education & Youth Studies, Junhao says the hands-on field experience from education classes at Beloit College was pivotal in his teaching experience.

DeVon Wilson’90 and his team ramped up their efforts to retain and recruit underrepresented students.

Helping Students Succeed in a New Reality

As director of the Center for Academic Excellence at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, DeVon Wilson’90 is helping to clear the many hurdles Covid is placing in front of the underrepresented, first-generation, low-income students he and his team support.

Joe McKay during his Global Geography class as a Social Studies Instructor.

Good Timing: Smoothing the Teacher License Reciprocity

Joe McKay’18, a current high school social studies teacher, emphasizes the importance of good timing in the process of transferring teaching license.

Kate Klein’00 (second person from the right) with her team at Chicago Public School’s Department of STEM

All Paths Lead back to the Classroom

Kate Klein’00 shares her life-time commitment to educating future generations both in and outside of classrooms. Experiences at Beloit College enabled Kate, an Interdisciplinary major, to first enter the education world, and she has never left it since.


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