After Beloit

While many become classroom teachers, not all majors and minors do.  There are many possibilities.

Students choose to pursue a broad range of interests related to education: international education, administration, school counseling or psychology, social work, environmental education, art or music therapy, early childhood education, teaching English abroad, social justice advocacy, youth development programs, sports education/management, and more.


Jay Bullock

To our community with gratitude

While we are grateful for all of our alumni, we wanted to take time to specifically recognize the EDYS alumni in our community – those who came to Beloit for an education but have committed to giving back to this community beyond their years on campus.

2022- EDYS 151 class discussion with Alum Lucy Gray

Dear Future Teachers

Alumni Lucy Gray shares wise professional advice to education students during a visit for Beloiter Days weekend.

María Aschenbrener’21 explores her new city with new friends.

Vested in art, education, and community

Washington, D.C., native María Aschenbrener’21 has been an artist for much of her life, focusing on ceramics and fabric art during her time at Beloit. Just a few months after completing her 9th semester, she landed a dream job at the Denver Art Museum. Her passions for art and community grew at Beloit and have made the Denver art scene feel like home.

Students in Sumin’s class on the 100th day of school! 

Child counselor gains grassroots experience

Sumin Park ’22 is majoring in education and youth studies along with psychology in hopes of becoming a child counselor one day. To gain experience working with children, she is currently a student teacher in Beloit and pursuing teacher certification. Sumin welcomed us into her classroom to get a glimpse of her semester.

McCarthy giving a school tour

A typical day of a Superintendent

Beloit College alum Dennis McCarthy was very involved around campus during his time at Beloit; shares how his time at Beloit impacted him and his journey to becoming a local superintendent.

   Morgan 1st Year English Teaching, Grade 3 in China

From lingering curiosity to professional career pursuit in the other corner of the globe

An education course prompted the curiosity of Morgan Bakeweel’16 about the East Asia. Post-Beloit, Morgan decided to get international experience in China and is now pursuing a masters in International Human Resource Development at National Taiwan Normal University.


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