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Education & Youth Studies

Empower yourself and others for social change.

Education & Youth Studies

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Leading Change

Education and Youth Studies is built on the idea that social change is rooted in people. The department’s faculty, students, and alumni are committed to lifelong learning, professional expertise, creative and mindful action, and the pursuit of intellectual excellence.

Inside the Classroom

Whether working in public school districts or private schools, a degree in Education and Youth Studies prepares you to teach in classrooms to students of various backgrounds and needs.

Through student teaching experiences and teacher certification preparation, Beloit students graduate ready to teach in the state of Wisconsin.

Outside the Classroom

Not all students become classroom teachers. Education and Youth Studies minors can choose to pursue a broad range of interests related to education, including counseling, social work, art or music therapy, teaching English abroad, social justice advocacy, youth or sports programs, and more.

María Aschenbrener’21 explores her new city with new friends.

Vested in art, education, and community

Washington, D.C., native María Aschenbrener’21 has been an artist for much of her life, focusing on ceramics and fabric art during her time at Beloit. Just a few months after completing her 9th semester, she landed a dream job at the Denver Art Museum. Her passions for art and community grew at Beloit and have made the Denver art scene feel like home.


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