After Beloit

Updates from our alumni after finishing their education at Beloit College.


Beloit econ graduates median early career salary: $79,500

Beloit econ graduates median mid-career salary: $161,600 

Based on career outcome survey (112 responses to salary question) conducted in summer 2019


Top 6 fields of employment:

  • Finance
  • Education/academia
  • Computer science/IT
  • Marketing
  • Consulting
  • Entrepreneurship


of Beloit econ alumni report that their work makes the world a better place, compared to 53% average for other colleges and majors

Based on career outcome survey (173 responses to meaningful work question) conducted in summer 2019 and on data

Top 6 fields of graduate program:

  • MBA
  • Economics
  • Law
  • Public policy
  • Finance
  • Accounting


Finance: Master the Financial Portfolio Career

Patrick McKnight ’14 shared his journey of going from working in a bank during college to a successful Portfolio Manager.


Finance: Responsibilities of a Product Developer

Working routine of Madeline Carpenter ’14 - a professional Product Develop Manager.


Accounting: Interesting Facts of the Tax Field

Raymond Thomas ’13 proved that mastering in tax can be more interesting than you think it is.


Accounting: Finding a Starting Point

A fully experienced accountant, Sara Bowen ’01 suggested students on how to have a good start in accounting career.


Marketing: The Joy of Communications

Thu Pham ’12 enjoys her position as a PR Communications Director by making positive impacts on the public.


Marketing: Bringing Brands to Life

Have lots of creative ideas to promote brands? Find out what Martin Dieterich ’07 shared about his career in brand management.


Real Estate: Creating New Homes

Joseph Weishaar ’03 develops multi-family-housing in New York City, from acquiring new properties to completion of construction.


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