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Exercise analytical and quantitative skills.

Apply economic theory to illuminate realities of business and public policy.


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Paths to Success

Business Economics Major

Students in this major often join the labor market soon after graduation and enter a variety of business careers such as accounting, finance, market research, consulting, etc.; many later pursue MBA, master of finance, master of accountancy etc.

Economics Major

For students interested in graduate study in economics or becoming professional economists; strong mathematics requirement.

Quantitative Economics Major

Strong emphasis on quantitative skill and data analytics; also qualifies as a STEM major (so international students in this major are eligible to apply for 2-year extension to their 1-year Optional Practical Training).

International Political Economics Major

For students interested in an international career such as international business, international development, or global market research; requires courses with international content from various disciplines.

Our alumni lead financially successful and meaningful careers. See our After Beloit page for career outcomes and alumni stories.
Big ideas, practical applications, and a few gentle nudges
Economics News

Big ideas, practical applications, and a few gentle nudges

Beloit’s student-centric culture, broad liberal arts focus, and strategic nudges from mentors helped Karla Magana Figueroa’13 get the most of out of her Beloit education. While everyone may not immediately connect a liberal arts education with a career in corporate America, she’s found it to be a perfect fit for the wide-ranging projects she’s worked on as a consultant, first for IBM, then for Ernst & Young.
Garrett Cornelius Moore’20 Intern at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Garrett Cornelius Moore’20 Intern at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

“This summer, I had the pleasure of interning at Bank of America Merrill Lynch within the Wealth Management division. The biggest takeaway from my internship this summer is networking can have the most positive impact on your career, right next to hard work. Leveraging your connections and relationships opens so many doors. Also, before this internship, I never understood how important having a work-life is because if you aren’t enjoying your work, you become less productive.”


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