Student Work

We encourage our students to put their liberal arts education into practice by pursuing experiential learning opportunities, especially challenging internships.

These experiences are aimed to help our students become effective practitioners of economic concepts and have a clearer vision of their career path after college.


Proud of you, Matthew!

This is why soft skills are crucial: Treasury Intern’s Love Story

Beloit student sharing his internship experience as the Treasury Intern!

Congratulations, Ankit!

Part-time internship at an asset management firm

Beloit student sharing his journey from a summer internship to landing a part-time internship at an asset management firm

Henry Jacobsen ’19

Leverage my skills athletically and academically at Beloit

Henry Jacobsen ’19 came to Beloit with a passion for football and high hopes for professional career preparation. He is now applying the lessons and experiences derived from Beloit’s commitment to high standards and performance mimics to his role as a Transfer Pricing Senior at EY.


Upton Forum: Student’s Reflection

Greg Nelson’25 shares his experience at the Upton Forum 2022.


Upton Forum: Student’s Reflection

Ajani Joseph’23 shares his Upton Forum experience..

Joseph Weishaar ’03

Acquiring as much hands-on experience as possible

Joseph Weishaar ’03 is currently the Director of Asset Management at an affordable housing firm in NYC, whose interest was fuelled by various involvement with city development projects in his time at Beloit College.

Belmark Associates Quin Brunner ’21 (far left) and Salma Mohammad Ali’21 (far right), surveyed and collected data on Beloit neighborhoods as part of a partnership with ACTS Housing. The organization is turning renters into homeowners.

Beloit College is one giant sandbox for career-seeking students

Beloit College students say programming and career-ready opportunities are an exhilarating mix of learning, leading, and laughter. Quin Brunner’21 and Salma Mohammad Ali’21 find Belmark Associates work life-changing.


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