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Beloit econ graduates median early career salary: $85,000

Beloit econ graduates median mid-late career salary: $155,000 

Based on alumni career outcome survey (92 responses to salary question) conducted in Nov & Dec 2023; early career salary statistics exclude those who obtained master’s degree; data are for alumni in the US only; early career = 0-5 years of experience in the field; mid-late career = 10+ years of experience

Top 6 fields of employment:

  • Finance
  • Education/academia
  • Computer science/IT
  • Marketing
  • Consulting
  • Entrepreneurship

of Beloit econ alumni report that their work makes the world a better place, compared to 53% average for other colleges and majors

Based on alumni career outcome survey (62 responses to meaningful work question) conducted in Nov & Dec 2023 and on data

Top 6 fields of graduate program:

  • MBA
  • Economics
  • Law
  • Public policy
  • Finance
  • Accounting


Bridging passions to sports management

Cameron Alonso’22, a student with a double major in Business Economics and Sociology, has taken quite the journey from his initial aspirations in mechanical engineering to finding his passion in sports management. Originally from Houston, Texas, Cameron initially intended to pursue a path in engineering or medicine at Beloit, driven by the expectations of his family.


Beloit holds 38th annual Business Networking Summit

Beloit’s Business Networking Summit (formerly Econ Day) provided students with one-on-one networking opportunities with alumni.  

Beloit College students enjoyed their time spent with experts in the field of recreation.

Students learn about careers in recreation

Beloit College faculty and staff join students for a fun-filled field trip learning about careers in recreation with alumni at Madison School District of Recreation.

You’re awesome, Ruby!

Enthusiastic about diversity and inclusion in HR recruitment

Ruby Green’20 started her adventure as an aspiring musical theatre talent in Beloit. After digging into market research and completing an I-com internship in Brussels, she walks us through her journey to discovering the passion for creating diversity and inclusion in HR and recruiting.

Proud of you, Quinton!

From financial analyst intern to nurturing future talents in finance

As Quinton Purves’19 begins to nurture young talents at Northwestern Mutual Funds, he walks us through his fascinating trajectory as a college athlete from a financial analyst to a unit director at the firm where it all began.

Proud of you, Le!

Combining passion for education with data and economics

From a passion for education and economics to landing her first internship as a data analyst at Chicago Public Schools, Linh Anh Le’20 took the path less traveled, and is making a difference.

Koont Htar ’17

Preparation for a career in Meta

A result-oriented professional, Koont Htar ’17 shares how her experience at Beloit College has set her up for success in working at Meta.


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