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The Writing Program at Beloit College

At Beloit College learning to write and writing to learn are important elements of your education. Our approach is to provide the flexibility and creativity to meet your individual needs as a writer, the opportunity for integration with the diverse learning objectives of your education, and the resources to help you succeed. As a student here, you should know about three aspects of our Writing Program:

The Writing Seminars.

Beloit College does not require a first-year writing course. Instead, you work with your faculty advisor to make informed, responsible, and productive decisions about whether and when to take a writing seminar (WRIT 100), as well as which section would be best for you. Each semester the writing program offers writing seminars in a variety of subjects that provide you with a stimulating context for focusing on the development of your writing skills. Sample topics: Fakes, Frauds, and Facsimiles. London Dreaming: Punk Culture. Genetic Reading, Writing, and Meaning. Free Speech.

The Writing Requirement.

All students are required to complete three writing-designated courses, which are offered at all levels from all departments across the curriculum. Each department or program describes in the college catalog its own approach to writing in a broader context of particular course offerings and for the major more generally. See the course schedule each term for the "W" designation.

The Writing Center.

This is the place for you to work with a peer tutor on any aspect or stage of every kind of writing assignment. Writing tutors are students from a range of backgrounds who have been trained to work with you on a collaborative basis. They can help you understand an assignment, generate ideas, make a writing plan, conduct and document research, revise a draft, format a paper, and to learn to improve your punctuation and grammar. Who uses the center? Last year we conducted about 450 sessions with students in all sorts of classes, from FYI to senior seminars. Our website also has lots of good online information and links for all writers.