For both data science and data analytics majors, students take:

  1. Core courses in math, statistics, computer science.
  2. Disciplinary specialty: students choose one discipline (from among economics, psychology, political science, sociology, anthropology, education studies, biology, chemistry, geology) and take a sequence of 3-5 courses that teach students disciplinary thinking and how data is used in that discipline.
  3. Courses from the humanities on data work.
  4. One sophomore seminar that introduces students to the data science and data analytics major and career.
  5. One senior seminar or capstone experience, in which students work on a real data project.

Data Science & Data Analytics

Majoring in data science or data analytics at Beloit, you will learn not only how to work with data, but also the humanistic foundation of data work. You will acquire career-ready skills that will position you, at graduation, to work in a variety of fields that make use of complex data sets (e.g. business, the arts, science, government, and more).


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