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Faculty from different academic fields bring their diverse perspectives into teaching approaches to the Data Science and Analytics field.


Kristin E. Bonnie

Kristin E. Bonnie

Associate Dean of Faculty and the Learning Experience
Chair of Mathematics and Computer Science
Co-Chair of Data Science and Data Analytics
Professor of Psychology
Office: Room 234, Sanger Center for the Sciences

Diep Phan

Associate Professor of Economics, Neese Chair and Director of Miller Upton Program
Office: Room 202, Campbell Hall
Rachel Bergstrom, Associate Professor of Biology

Rachel A Bergstrom

Associate Professor of Biology
Office: Room 336, Sanger Center for the Sciences
Philip Chen

Philip Chen

Assistant Professor of Political Science
Office: Room 7, Morse-Ingersoll Hall
Eyad Haj Said

Eyad Haj Said

Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
Office: Room 219, Sanger Center for the Sciences
Disha Shende

Disha Shende

Visiting Assistant Professor

Leslie Lea Williams

Associate Professor of Anthropology
Office: Room 106, Godfrey Hall
Daniel Youd, Professor of Chinese, Modern Languages & Literatures.

Daniel Michael Youd

Professor of Modern Languages & Literatures (Chinese)
Office: Room 102, World Affairs Center

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