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Though the data science and data analytics majors, and the field itself, are relatively new, we have been training data scientists and analysts for many years. With the dramatic increase in demand for people with data skills, many of our recent graduates, coming from a variety of majors (math, computer science, economics, political science, etc.), have successfully entered this career. Some became data analysts immediately after graduation; others pursued a higher degree then became data scientists. 

A Data Career

The field of data analytics and science encompasses a wide variety of data-related careers. Typically, a data science firm works to capture, maintain, organize, process, and analyze data and then communicate the results. Data analysts and scientists are able to translate enormous amounts of data into answers that stakeholders in varying industries can utilize.

Facts and Figures

  • Average annual salary for data analysts: $59,732/year (source)
  • Average annual salary for data scientists: $95,998/year (source)
  • Job outlook: from 2013 to 2018, the number of data science job postings grew by 256% (source
  • Data scientist job: #1 in list of best 50 jobs in America (source)


Data Science - Not a Typical Career

Sunny Jing’15 makes every workday different as a Data Scientist.


Flexibility in Data Analytics

Tom Slusher ’12 is motivated by the ever-changing process of working with data.


Numbers That Tell the Future

Yang Yang ’12 visualizes data to create effective sales model s.


Data Scientist: Turning an Interest into a Successful Career

Elom Goka ’14 made the most out of his interest and became a Data Scientist.  


Data Scientist: More Than Just Working with Data

Anthony Racine ’13 knows how to “sell” his creativity and problem-solving skills as an Analytics Manager.  


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