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Data Science & Data Analytics

Harness data for the good of communities and the world

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Data Science & Data Analytics

An Inter-disciplinary program in data analytics and science, with a unique liberal arts approach

Majoring in data analytics or data science at Beloit, you will learn not only how to work with data, but also the humanistic foundation of data work.

You will acquire career-ready skills and gain real-world experience that will position you, at graduation, to work in a variety of fields that make use of complex data sets (e.g. business, the arts, science, government, and more).

The Data Science Major

Requires more math and training in machine learning and data mining.

Recommended for those intending to pursue higher degree in data science, or wishing to work with big data.

The Data Analytics Major

Stronger emphasis on the humanistic foundation of data work.

Recommended for those interested in data analytics jobs across industry, government, and the nonprofit sector.

Fatumata Lagary Kaba’24

Internship tale from the intersection of Data Science and Engineering

From Liberia to Beloit, and then Liveline Technologies, the journey of Fatumata unfolds, highlighting the transformative power of interdisciplinary knowledge and hands-on learning. In the dynamic setting

Belmark Associates Quin Brunner ’21 (far left) and Salma Mohammad Ali’21 (far right), surveyed and collected data on Beloit neighborhoods as part of a partnership with ACTS Housing. The organization is turning renters into homeowners.

Beloit College is one giant sandbox for career-seeking students

Beloit College students say programming and career-ready opportunities are an exhilarating mix of learning, leading, and laughter. Quin Brunner’21 and Salma Mohammad Ali’21 find Belmark Associates work life-changing.


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